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Language is a complex phenomenon. It's an important vehicle of communication that enables us to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. Our aim is to help people communicate more effectively through English. English has not only become a world language, it has also become the lingua franca of international trade. Regardless of whether business is being done in China with Chinese people, in the USA with Americans, or in France with the French, chances are the business is being done through English. It's for this very reason that so many third level institutes of education in Germany offer courses (especially Commerce and IT) either exclusively or partially through English these days. This is also the reason why so many job adverts in Germany seek candidates with a high level of written and spoken English. 



Even when we go abroad on holiday, English is often the only foreign language understood by service staff in hotels and restaurants.  English is our passion and that's why we've established the Ad-Lib Academy of English. We know exactly what the challenges facing young people in Germany are, and how important it is to have a high level of written and spoken English.

Unlike other language schools and after-school tutors, we place much greater emphasis on tailoring our tuition programmes to the individual needs of our students. Besides traditional face to face training, we also offer online/e-learning training options. We begin with a non-binding "getting-to-know-you" session where we analyse training needs. Based on the results of this, we develop and agree a customised tuition programme. For more information, call us now! Tel: 07256 9388506     


Management TEAM

I am a member of the English Language Teachers' Associations ELTAS and ELTAF and alongside my qualifications as a TEFL/TESOL trainer, I also have a Postgraduate Diploma from

the Dublin Institute of Technology and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the

University of Dublin. I began my international career in London, later moving to Germany. I’ve held senior management positions in Global Marketing, Sales and General Management. English has become the lingua franca of international business, and over the years, I’ve really enjoyed training and coaching my German colleagues through English, developing their conversation, negotiating and presenting skills. For many years, it’s been a dream of mine to set up and run my own language school and in 2018 I finally got the opportunity. AD-LIB was born!

I was born in Dublin and have lived in  Germany for over 22 years. I am a TEFL/TESOL certified trainer and I've worked for world renowned language schools. Communications Sciences is my area of professional competence, and I have a Diploma in Advertising Management and a Certificate in Public Relations. My professional experience in the UK and Ireland includes management roles in market research, sales, and customer services. I’ve been teaching English for over 18 years in Germany. I’ve worked with all age groups ranging from kindergarten and school-age kids to business people and people just learning English for fun. I get great satisfaction from helping others to develop their abilities in my native language!


"Your lessons were never boring. You always had very exciting, current topics that were perfectly matched to our interests. Your lessons were an absolutely perfect mix of grammar and conversation (although the conversation was always the most important part for us!). We had many different English teachers in the past, but you knew exactly what we are all about. We loved the free speech element, framed by grammar exercises, which you could always explain really well."


K.H., Assistenz Technische Leitung


"Getting Marianne as a teacher was a stroke of luck. I learned so much from her, and use it now in my everyday life (and working life).


Her approach was not just

textbook based, but also involved lots of speaking about everyday things. That

was really varied and overall just great fun!”.




"Marianne Riordan has been my

English teacher for several years and I highly recommend her. Her lessons are always very interesting, exciting and tailored to us.


Our English lessons always go by in a flash and I always look forward to my English lessons. Marianne delivers her English lessons in an enjoyable and fun way.


I'm so sad that she’s leaving us to move from Lake Constance to another part of Germany. For me she is the best

English teacher "ever"!"


P.M., Leitung Order Management