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„You make it fun…you're a thousand times better than my English teacher!“ J.H., Realschüler, 15 years old.


We are TEFL/TESOL certified native English speakers with over twenty years experience coaching and training people of all ages and abilities to improve their English. Using the latest teaching methods and modern textbooks, we offer tailor-made one-on-one lessons and also work with pairs and small groups of up to four pupils with similar competency levels. 

"Practice makes perfect!" so at AD-LIB we'll practice, reading, writing and speaking English with pupils in a relaxed, stress-free environment. We'll gladly help as needed with vocabulary building, pronunciation and yes, grammar too, but using the latest natural language learning techniques. We'll provide helpful tips and exercises that are fun to do.


For those in the final stages of secondary school, we'll provide the security needed to help get the best results possible. We'll practice comprehension and description of visuals. We'll also gladly discuss pupils' ideas for oral presentations, and practice delivery. That way, pupils can confidently deliver their  best performance on the day of the exam and say goodbye to performance anxiety.



Expert after-school tutoring

what we offer

  • Premium tutoring from native English-speaking teachers!
  • Intensive pre-exam prep courses Eurokom/Realabschluss and Abitur
  • Help with homework, catch-up and revision of class work
  • Flexible contract options
  • Monday-Friday courses. Saturday by arrangement**
  • In-home service option. Pupils come to us, or we come to them at home**

Why ad-lib?

  • 100% focused on English
  • TEFL/TESOL certified, native English-speaking tutors
  • More than just an after-school tutoring service. We focus on correct pronunciation and syntax and also helping our pupils to better understand Anglo-Saxon culture and mind-set
  • Teaching tailored to the needs of the individual student
  • Relaxed, natural English speaking environment
  • Wide range of course options, 1:1, pairs and groups of up to 5 students