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English is the lingua franca of international trade and Germany is the third largest exporter in the world. So it should come as no surprise to anyone, that more and more jobs in this country require a high level of English. Applicants who don't meet the required standard for the job are quickly eliminated from the recruitment process or are passed over for promotion.

We are native-speaking certified TEFL /TESOL English language trainers from Ireland, who for the past 22 years, have worked in Germany for both large and small international organisations. Here at AD-LIB, we would love to support you in your career development ambitions. We offer advice so that you can perfect your application documents and we'll practice interview and presentation skills in English with you, until you feel totally confident and self-assured.

We'll even help you with your pronunciation. We offer tailored-made one-on-one training, so that the focus can be exactly where you want it to be. We'll help build your confidence and give you helpful tips, so that you can achieve your career ambitions, focus on getting your dream job and not worry about your English language skillset.