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Studies show that learning a new language is an excellent way to stay mentally fit. Multilingual people, regardless of age, tend to be able to concentrate better and find it easier to make decisions. Whether you want to give your brain a workout, are planning a trip abroad or simply want to learn a new language for fun, the team at AD-LIB would love to meet you and support you in achieving your learning goals.

We are native English speakers from Ireland with significant experience in helping learners of all ages and levels improve their English language communication skills. We are certified TEFL/TESOL teachers with over twenty years experience of living and working in Germany.

As the saying goes,"practice makes perfect!" and here at AD-LIB, we'll work with you in a relaxed, non-stressed environment to hone your English speaking, writing and comprehension skills. Besides one-on-one tailored-made courses, we also offer training to small groups of up to four participants. So what are you waiting for?! To build up your English vocabulary ahead of that trip abroad, to perfect your pronunciation and better understand Anglo-Saxon life and culture, call us now and book yourself onto one of our courses.